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Suzanne Goodwin

Co-Founder, Psychotherapist, LMSW, LP

I've been there. In 2007, while grieving the loss of my marriage and trying to maintain stability for my four children, I made consequential financial decisions on my own for the first time in decades. My only support during this period of emotional turmoil was the well-intentioned (often wrong) advice of friends and family. I hear variations on this story again and again, both in my professional practice as a therapist and in my private life.

I created What Now? to fill the gap in comprehensive financial and emotional services available to divorcing women, and it's a resource I wish had been available to me when I needed it. In our time together, we will explore what it’s like to make decisions on your own, and the traps and pitfalls that come with this. We can laugh together at the mistakes I made. We can demystify finances, a subject that so many professionals complicate unnecessarily. My goal is to put you proactively in command of your finances (whatever they may be) secure in the feeling of control that comes with it.

I want to share what I learned to empower other women to find their way. I believe in sharing resources with other women; building each other up is powerful beyond measure. You will reboot and build a new life, as I have. After divorcing, I returned to school to advance my professional training, resumed my career, and today am happily remarried.

Suzanne is a licensed psychoanalyst and has a Masters in Clinical Social Work. She maintains private practices in Bedford, New York, and Ridgewood, New Jersey. Suzanne has a background in Adult Psychiatry, Adolescent Mental Health, Addiction, Family Systems, and Chronic Illness. With over 17 years of clinical experience, she enjoys working with a wide range of clients in her private practice. With her warm and compassionate approach, many women seek her guidance in divorce recovery.

Murat Aktar

Co-Founder, Advisory Board

In the best of times people make irrational, even comically bad financial decisions in their personal lives. I’m an expert at building models to predict financial outcomes, yet I took a 'special offer' on a car lease with a 10k-mile per year limit even though I drive 14k.

Divorce is the worst of times, and for a woman, the stakes are disproportionately higher, especially for those who have been out of the workforce. The terms of a woman’s divorce settlement and her decisions about what lifestyle to maintain after the divorce are often the two most consequential factors for her long-term financial security.

The idea for What Now? came from a desire to provide women a framework for making financial decisions pre and post-divorce. It’s based on a simple idea. Money matters are both complex, and interconnected. We cannot hold the complete picture of our financial situation in our heads so we attempt to make decisions piecemeal. This leads to irrational choices. The solution is to look at every decision in the context of your complete financial picture. We provide this ability by building you a personal financial model that projects all of your lifestyle costs and accounts for how they are interrelated. By changing any one number you can see how it flows through the entire model.

When you strip away the wrenching emotional fallout, the terms of a divorce settlement come down to a handful of numbers. With a model that allows you to plug in an alimony or child support proposal, you can instantly see how it affects the rent you can afford, your projected tax liability, your annual savings, and your net worth. This level of familiarity with your finances will produce a powerful feeling of confidence.

Murat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in accounting and finance. Since 1998 he has been a partner and the President of Sterling Sound, the world leader in audio mastering. Each year Sterling puts the finishing touches to 20%-25% of the Billboard top selling projects. In 2004 Murat co-founded Bondi Digital, a specialist software company that converts magazines paper archives to digital and presents them online as browsable, searchable websites. Clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Esquire, Aviation Week and Aperture. Murat has two daughters and lives in Ridgewood, NJ.

Steve Nydick

Certified Public Accountant

As a co-founder of Maddaloni, Nydick & Keenan, Steve specializes in owner-managed businesses and entrepreneurs, imparting his extensive knowledge and experience in accountancy, tax and audit. His portfolio includes a wide variety of clients from professional practices to entertainment and online businesses. Steve is expert at navigating the interrelated nature of personal vs business tax consequences from LLC and other pass through entities. His friendly and approachable manner has helped forge many long-lasting relationships.

Ross Levin

Advisory Board

Ross Levin is a Managing Director with Next Capital Management, LLC. Prior to joining NEXT in 2007, Ross worked at Merrill Lynch in the Global Private Client Group as a Financial Advisor, where he focused on simplifying the complex financial pictures of high net worth individuals. Ross has extensive entrepreneurial experience having managed and owned several small businesses. He was an active fundraiser for the Staten Island Heart Society and previously served on their Board of Directors. Ross received his B.A in Psychology from the University of Kansas and currently resides with his wife and two children in Summit New Jersey.

Mike Maddaloni

Certified Public Accountant

As a co-founder of Maddaloni, Nydick & Keenan, PC, Mike is passionate about delivering proactive tax advice with integrity and independence. He brings over 30 years of experience consulting to businesses and individuals across a variety of disciplines. Clients rely on his technical mastery of tax regulations and his objective, logical advice when making important financial decisions. In addition Mike brings experience in both forensic accounting and as a court appointed expert in matrimonial matters.

Sheena Burke Williams, Esq.

Advisory Board

Sheena Burke Williams began her legal career at one of New Jersey’s premier family law practices, handling divorce, child support, alimony, and child custody litigation. After developing significant expertise in complex divorce and litigation matter, she opened her own practice, Sheena Burke Williams, Esq. Located in Westwood, New Jersey (Bergen County), the firm is dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality legal representation in divorce and all family law matters.

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Even with access to accountants and lawyers, few women have a full understanding of their finances and how this impacts long-term security.

We help you understand the big picture in absolute terms without judgment.

At the same time, we help you manage the emotional impact of lifestyle changes. For example, how to talk to your children about a reduction of lifestyle or moving to a new home. We also prepare you for the transition to being solely responsible for your finances.

Our service does not supplant your existing professional team; lawyer, accountant, wealth manager and even your therapist.

In fact, our deliverables provide them valuable detail so they can serve you better.

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