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If you've experienced the trifecta of grieving a loss, having to make consequential financial decisions on your own for the first time in decades, and the emotional resistance to change, we can help!

What We Do

Why Can’t my Financial Advisor/Lawyer/Accountant do this?

There are two key differences. First, financial information and advice related to lifestyle is rarely delivered with thought to emotional consequence. During a period as traumatic as divorce, it’s easy to avoid even the best advice if its consequences are painful. Having a coach can help you overcome resistance to change. Second, there is often a “seam” between the services of Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Advisers. They all provide vitally important services, but the results are rarely coordinated, leaving an almost universal gap in women’s grasp of their finances in two key areas.

• A clear understanding of the monthly and annual cost of their current lifestyle.
• An ability to project into the future to understand (a) their lifestyle costs as a single woman/mother, and (b) the implications of big financial decisions like the sale or purchase of a home.

How do you charge for the service?

What Now? is a fixed fee engagement. Contact us for an initial consultation and a proposal.

Can What Now? help with asset valuation issues in my divorce?

What Now? ‘s focus is on lifestyle costs, we are not valuation experts. Equitable distribution, the fair (but not necessarily equal) division of marital assets will typically be agreed between you and your spouse with the help of your lawyers, accountants, appraisers and real estate brokers. If your divorce involves complicated, opaque assets like limited partnership interests, business holdings, stock options or pension benefits you will need a specialist valuation firm which your lawyer can recommend.

Does What Now? provide me with a financial plan?

What Now? ‘s focus is on understanding and projecting lifestyle costs. We are not financial planners or wealth managers and we do not give investment advice. If you require financial plan, you should rely on a Certified Financial Planner.

When is the ideal time to hire you?

You are free to hire us at any time pre or post divorce, but the ideal time is prior to negotiating your divorce settlement.

What if I suspect my spouse of fraud?

Although it’s possible that the Look Back may bring to light transactions you were unaware of, we are not a forensic accounting service. If you suspect your current (former) spouse of fraud, you should consider a specialist forensic accountant.

Do I have to be going through a divorce to benefit from What Now?

No, there are many other circumstances for example, loss of a spouse or even loss of a job where the program could be beneficial.

Are there other benefits?

If you are beginning the divorce process, both you and your spouse will be required to complete a Family CIS (Case Information Statement) form. The CIS form requires a complete breakdown of assets, liabilities and living expenses. The Lookback provides all of the information necessary to complete this form painlessly. Also, if you have not yet filed your prior year tax return, the Lookback will provide your accountant with everything they need.

How long does the process take?

The process takes anywhere from four to twelve weeks.

Getting Started

How do I deliver my financial records?

You can transmit your financial records directly to the CPA in any (or a combination of) the following forms;

• Paper copies
• Scanned or downloaded PDF’s
• Online access to bank and credit card portals. Many financial institutions now provide special “restricted” login for financial professionals. This would allow the CPA temporary “read only” access to see your transactions, but nothing else.

What do I get at the end?

• Paper and PDF copies of fully categorized, monthly and annual income and expenditures.
• Paper and PDF Year-end balance sheets (statement of assets, liabilities and net worth).
• Quickbooks files on a thumb drive.
• Paper and PDF output of the each of the Projection “Scenarios” created.

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